Blues is Gonna be your Friend

When you´re late at work and light is a shock

and you plate is a mess and you don´t got a knife or a fork

and the spoon gives no more loan

and your throat and your thruth feels like mud in the dessert

then blues is gonna be your friend.

Blues can be your friend!

Watch out man!

Blues can be your friend!

No one is gonna make your dish.

No one, but you, knows your wish.

But you behaved like the rest of the bitches!

It felt like… felt like… the season of the witches!!

I don´t want no iron shackels around my leg!!!

And I don´t want you any more in bed!!

It´s schools for people like you,…schools for people like you!

I don´t want you to be true…

I just want to make some uh, uh

to you…

Watch out !

Blues gonna be your friend!

Blues can be your friend!

Watch out, blues can be your friend!

God don´t want to turn on the switch

and your eyes got smog

so it´s no longer

so delic-


And your height

turnes into a burning light,

to a log,

close to the frog

that make the blues your friend.

Watch out, blues can be your friend!

Blues gonna be your friend…

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