Glimmer of Gold  2019
The newly released Glimmer of Gold is a collection of Baba Blues popular album tracks through the years. The thirteen songs featured on the album have been selected and arranged with the help and support of music enthusiast Nguyen Hoan Long. The album includes four songs with Swedish lyrics! The story behind Glimmer of Gold can be traced back to Baba’s cover of St: James Infirmary which remarkably found its way all over to Vietnam. The cover became highly appreciated and has gained popularity throughout the years. However, despite the success, St: James Infirmary was initially rejected by Clas and Richard on their debut album Fishermen. The song has up until now only been featured on the album All That Blues from Sweden, a compilation album of different Swedish blues-artists.
1. Help me through the day /Russel
2. St. James Infirmary /Jo Primrose/Erving Mills
3. Walk On / McGee
4. Gåshud
5. Tiggarstav
6. Perrongen
7. Du är underbar
8. Gengångaren
9. Shyness is the Shadow of Love
10. When Im in there
11. Just ´Cos You Got the Power /Motorhead
12. It’s better to die the natural way, than to starve yourself to death
13. I Play the Blues for You /Beach

Deep down in the mirror (RUBCD29) 2005 Rub-a-dub Records/Border Music
1. Heavy stone
2. Blues is gonna be your friend
3. Shyness is the shadow of love
4. Juvenile land
5. When I’m in there
6. Deep down in the mirror
7. You said you wanted to kill me, darling
8. Looking for somebody /P. Green
9. Walking in blood
10. Mayday for the mayfly
11. It’s better to die the natural way, than to starve yourself to death
All songs written by Baba Blues except nr.8

Excavations: Blues is a rainbow (RUBCD18) 2000 Rub-a-dub Records/Border Music
Heavy and raw and with roots deep into the soil of the blues. In english and with full setting.
A mix between newly written material and new interpretations of
Willie Dixon, Little Walter, Brownie McGhee and Motorhead!!
1. Blues is a rainbow/Baba Blues
2. Just ´cos you got the power / Motorhead
3. Help me through the day /Russel
4. I ain´t superstitious /Dixon
5. Bricks in my pillow /Nighthawk
6. You need love /Catfish blues (medley jam) / Dixon/Morganfield
7. Fishermen/Baba Blues
8. The unnecessery event´s regretting blues/Baba Blues
9. Last night / Jacobs
10. The day my mother died/Baba Blues
11. Walk on /McGhee

Den rasande balansen (The Raging Balance) (SUBCD02) 1996 Rub-a-dub Records/Border Music.
A blues & sound experiment, this time with full setting (drums, bass, hammond B2 etc.),
by many referred to as psychedelic blues… Heavy and experimental.
1. Och så kom det en dag till…
2. Hela den långa vägen hem
3. Smaken av jord
4. Tiggarstav
5. Soffan du ville slänga
6.Den rasande balansen
7. Den billiga Champagnen
8. Tänk på ett tal
9. Pyromanernas förbund
10.Samma gamla dans

Kompassernas män (Men of compasses) (SUB-1) 1993 Rub-a-dub Records/Border Music.
A crossbreed between blues and swedish ballads, which attracted much attention from the critics and swedish radio.
All material in swedish by the band. Challenging!!!
1. Yta, yta
2. Sesam
3. Perrongen
4. Du är underbar
5. Försvann
6. Gengångaren
7. Kärlecarré
8. Skuggan
9. Gudar & brudar
10. Burdjuret
11. Det ljuva hålet
12. Min röda fru

Fishermen (BBCD 01)(BBLP01) Baba Blues Records
Their first album was praised by the critics and placed among several “top of the year lists”.
It´s a mix between personal interpretations and a lof of material composed by Baba Blues.
Fifty percent of the tracks are in swedish.
1. Fishermen
2. I play the blues for you /J. Beach
3. Goin´ down slow /J. Oden
4. Rollin´ and thumblin´ /M.Morganfield
5. Wild cat (studiojam)
6. Gåshud
7. Åhh kvinna…
8. Du bor i din biografi
9. Därunder finns ett rum
10. Tao
11. Det finns ingen gen

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